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New Year message of 2011 from General Manager LEE

        With the footsteps' gone of 2010, the bell of 2011 is about to ring, on the occasion of New Year approaching I am on behalf of all staff of the Ningbo ROWA Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. to express my heartfelt gratitude to our customers who chose ROWA; extend my sincere thanks to our partners who understand and support of ROWA air conditioning industry;    show my cordial greetings and deep respect to all employees and make unremitting efforts for ROWA career!
         Ningbo ROWA Air Conditioner Co., Ltd has been set up for nine years in 2010, all employees work diligently and write a new chapter in the development of ROWA. Enabled large-scale new plant, introduced of modern equipment, increased investment of new product development, draw on the implementation of the achievements of successful business management, and actively implemented the building of enterprise culture, then we enhanced ROWA's competitiveness and laid a solid foundation for the development of ROWA. These achievements are the crystallization of collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of all the Members. It fully demonstrates the ROWA entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, practices the harmonious progress of the enterprise and its employees.
        In 2011, ROWA will improved service quality and optimized terminal to establish a typical "work harder, reform further, increase new product research and develop efforts to strengthen the team building, improve the service system, shape ROWA¡¯s brand of ¡°Global technology in ROWA¡±. At the same time, we must broad the media publicity, a nd display Alibaba and other professional media promotion, 2011 will be gradually introducing the big media promotion, and more ordinary consumers can come into contact with the ROWA brand to achieve the media to promote terminal sales function.
        Looking at the Goal and blueprint for the development of 2011, we firmly believe: the new year, new hope, new work, through the joint efforts of all partners and employees, ROWA will be able to achieve a new leap, a new brilliant! Dear partner, thanks for your the long-standing dedication and support of ROWA growing. Standing at a new starting point, we join hands in 2011, and plan for the company's future through our common efforts, let us get united to open a new brilliance!
        Finally, once again I wish you all: Happy New Year, good health and good luck!
                                                                        Ningbo ROWA Air Conditioner Co., Ltd
The General Manager: Jianguo Lee