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Air-conditioning Energy Efficiency will be re-introduced energy efficiency level of delineation

   The reporter learned from authoritative sources that the air conditioner energy efficiency standards has been drafted and submitted the State Standardization Administration Committee for approval, is expected to announce in early 2010.
   It is understood that the new standards will be re-designated energy efficiency levels, and improve each level corresponding to the energy-saving requirements; market access standards for the New Class 2. After the implementation of the new standards, the state subsidy policy will also be energy-saving, according to the adjustment could be included in the scope of subsidies to businesses to further enhance the threshold.
    In addition, it is worthy that the air-conditioning to enhance the energy efficiency of air-conditioning that involves the whole industry chain's overall energy efficiency upgrades. Which compressor is the most important energy-consuming components, but also the key to improving energy efficiency. With the implementation of new standards, some energy-efficient air-conditioning compressor manufacturing enterprises will be jointly and severally benefit.